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Exercise: Answer the following questions!
Bryan: Nugy, where are you?
Nugy: I’m in the house. What’s matter?
Bryan: oh _____________ .
Nugy: I’d like to help you. For what?
1. Complete the dialogue above with suitable expression ….
A.Would you like some help?
B. Sorry, I can’t help you
C. Could I possibly ask you to help me?
D. Let me help you
E. No, you don’t need to help

Romy: May I help you ?
Deny: Hmmm. Don’t bother yourself, thanks. 
2. The underlined sentence express ….
A. Asking help
B. Giving help
C. Offering help
D. Refusing an offer
E. Accepting an offer

Elsa: Will you help me to build a snowman?
Olaf: Yes, of course. _____ .
3. Complete the dialogue above ….
A. I won’t
B. I will
C. I will not
D. Will I?
E. Shall I?

Complete the dialogue below (for questions number 4 and 5)
Mr Iqbal: Jon, come here please!
Andy: Yes, sir. I’m coming.
Mr Iqbal: (4) __________ the goods to the shop, please?
Andy: With pleasure, sir.
Mr Iqbal: Don’t forget to put into the correct case!
Andy: (5) ______, sir.
Mr Iqbal: Thanks.
4. The suitable expression is ….
A. Can you bring
B. Can I bring
C. May I bring
D. Don’t bring
E. I would like to bring

5. The suitable expression is ….
A. Sorry, I can’t
B. I wish I could help you
C. I’m bussy
D. I need some help
E. Don’t worry


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